Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Freebie

Hello gang,

Here is a lyric that I wrote a while ago.  Now though I wrote it within a day, it was not today, so I will not be counting this as the SOTD...just wanted to share...


One day Father Time did wrong…
He abused his power, let the clock stay sleeping for one hour just too long.
And though young clock quite enjoyed the rest, this tested all the rest of the world,
As it hurled every being, celestial and non, on and on through space and oblivion.
For that one tiny hour seemed eternal til maternal Mother Earth,
Chided Father Time, and woke the son to which they’d given birth.

And one time not long after that,
Who would even think it?  But the mystic Mother lost her son clock’s favorite trinket.
And the search began, just as most hunts do, with a rummage here and there, over, under, too,
And before too long the foraging escalated to a universal seeking, a macrocosmic peeking
Til every single thing was inside out throughout oblivion and space…
Only then did Earth recall exactly where her child’s toy was placed.

If even Earth and Time show a whole portfolio of faux pas,
And it seems to me they’ve acquired quite a collection,
Then how are we mortals supposed to avoid contributing to the cause?
Tell me what chance have I for achieving perfection?

Now, I know I’m no Father Time,
And I know that your heart is broken,
But if you’ll just accept that I have faults like any man,
And give me the chance to change circumstances
I’ll happily comply…
And turn this all around,
Create eternity,
So hopefully we’ll see things eye to eye…
If you’ll believe in me,
And let me try.


Check back later for today's actual SOTD!


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