Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 26 - 'Where You're Meant To Go'


Just a ballad to counter the last couple of days.  Contemporary pop ballad, to be exact.


There’s a horizon in front,
There’s a sunset behind…
But careful not to turn around,
Or you may change your mind…

Just a glance could chance the view to change,
And perhaps spark a relapse.
‘Cuz the spectrum of this open range
Appears to have been laced with traps…

But your vision clears,
As the tears are brushed aside.
And the memories of good times linger,
Ready for the ride.

And a glimpse of what’s in store helps
Veer you toward another day.
And even though there’s more to miss than you could say…

There’s a time, and a place,
And the time has come to change your space up,
Get up and get out, so you can grow.

There’s a where, and a when,
And it’s best that every now and then you
Put it on the line, or you’ll never know…
Where you’re meant to go.


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with another SOTD.


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