Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 9 - 'My Confession'

Hey everyone,

Today I had work again, and was reminded how tricky it is to come up with a strong idea for a tune while one is helping corporate office workers use their new phone sets.  That said, I spoke with co-workers about what they thought and played with some of those ideas.  Nothing came of it yet, but I'll look back at them later this month, since I have plenty of songs I'll be writing!

Anyway, I came up with this thought after work.  I wanted to relay really bad news in a cheerful and relatively unapologetic way.  This song should be uptempo and bright, with a happy background.



I’ll put my hand out.  Slap my wrist ‘cuz
This is gonna make you pissed,
See, I accidentally slept with your girlfriend.

Oh no, you heard me quite correctly,
I confessed a recollection
That I accidentally slept with your girlfriend.

I can see, I can see that your face has started wincing,
Could it be?  Could it be that you’re gonna need convincing?
I assure it’s no deceit…Does
It hurt more when I repeat it?
Still I’m glad to let that out the vault…

So blame me, if you must,
But now you know she can’t be trusted.
I’m not saying that it’s all her fault.
I’m just saying that it’s all her fault!

Based on the past,
You should have realized it, seen that she was
Far too flirty.

It was over fast,
4 or 5 weeks and then we stopped it because
Using your own bed felt dirty.

Now I know it will take time,
Forgiveness won’t be on a dime, I mean
I accidentally slept with your girlfriend.

But I’ll work to make it better,
If she wants to go, then let her
And try to move on and let go!

In five years, this little gaffe,
We’ll look back on it and laugh!
You’ll be married and happy with life…
Then I’ll accidentally sleep with your wife!

Spoken:  What?!  Too soon?


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD!


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