Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 28 - 'A Drinking Song'


And post-Birthday is always a fun here's a silly tune to go with the mood.  It's been a crazy day, and I still have more weekend ahead.

This one is rubato for the verse, then uptempo chorus, bridge and chorus.


Once a year a certain day comes creeping up on me,
And every time it catches me off-guard.
It’s dreadful, yet fantastic…makes me think I’m going spastic.
And in it’s wake, I’m left a little jarred.

I am speaking of my annual birth-i-versary,
The marker of the day that I was born,
And though I love my Mother dear, for giving life to me,
The event, itself, most recently has filled me up with scorn.

But there’s hope, I’ve found, to get around the hounding of this feeling,
A recipe for respite from this angst,
And so I mix it up a bit, and pour thoughts more appealing,
As I pray to Dionysus, and give thanks…

I have a drink.
That’s right I drink.
When my birthday is at hand, I try to smile, strike up the band,

And give a cheer,
Then grab a beer.
Or swallow any kind of beverage that is clear.
I like starting in the morning, when mourning begins,
My breakfast, eggs and waffles, and three different gins
And if this is wrong, then please, Lord forgive me my sins…
But still, I drink.

That’s right I drink.
Still, I do drink.
When my life is getting harder, well I simply pour a little chardonnay.
And who’s to say,
A nip of whiskey doesn’t go a long, long way?
Though many search for lunch at a local food cart,
I’ve got a little secret that I’ve chosen to impart,
When I’ve aged another year, the liquor cabinet’s where I start,
So I can drink.

Now, I don’t condone, drinking on the job,
Or while driving or when caring for a child…
But in my life, I’ve none of those things,
So I think I’ll pour another drink and watch more ‘Girls Gone Wild’!

Spoken:  ‘Parts 2, 5 & 7…I like Lucy, the Slut...’

While I drink!
Another drink.
It isn’t half so bad as all you prudes may think.
It’s just that coping with another year of life gone by,
Makes my heart and mind and body heave a mournful sigh…and
Sure I could resist it, but can someone tell me why?
So I…


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with another SOTD.


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