Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 13 - 'No Need For Catnip'

Hey there,

For Friday the 13th I wanted to write something light-hearted and fun.  I had tried nothing, and was fresh out of ideas when Aimee saw a tweet by a certain Branson Reese.  I don't know the guy, but his tweets seem to follow a pattern...they're pretty damn funny.

Anyway, he tweeted something that made Aimee laugh out loud while I was working, and when she read it, I did the same.  Thus came the inspiration for today's SOTD.

Branson Reese's Tweet:  "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is definitely my favorite song about cats fucking.

Well, move over Elton...

This is in the style of a jazz standard.  I'll try to do a recording for this one if I can...hearing the swinging melody helps with the humor.  Anyway, with no further ado, today's SOTD...enjoy!


Last night when I arrived,
Back home to my abode,
Well somethin’ wasn’t jivin’,
I could tell,
And oh, there was a most peculiar smell…

I flicked the light switch on,
Into the room I strode,
And wished that I had gone to
Grab a bite.
‘Cuz if I had, I’d be so glad to not have seen this sight.

Doin’ it.
My cats were doin’ it.
The air was laced with sweet amor as
They got busy on the floor.

Makin’ it.
Yeah, they were shakin’ it.
And though creeped out to see one 'taking'
I oddly hoped she wasn’t faking.

Oh, oh, oh,
That I could unsee what I saw,
And no, no, no
It took me an hour just to lift my jaw…

(chorus 2)
And they were still doin’ it,
Really through and through-in’ it,
It made me wish I’d listened more when bade,
To have my little cats neutered and spayed.

(bridge 2)
So distressed
I stood there and questioned ‘Why, God? Why?’
Mostly, though, I’m impressed,
If someone were watching, I’d be much more shy.

(chorus ext.)
But they just kept doin’ it,
Lit-er-ally doin’ it (doin’ it, doin’ it)
And though it seemed as though they did it right,

Still, what I chanced to dance upon
To gaze, gawk, glare and glance upon
What I caught was a most disturbing sight…
When I walked in on my cats
Doin’ it…
Last night!


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD!

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