Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 5 - 'This Part Of Me'

Hello and good day!

It was beautiful out today, and Obama was passing by the building that I am working in, so there were many distractions keeping me from appropriately starting today's song.  Incidentally, this meant that I didn't actually get to do any work on it during the day.  I then went with Aimee to see Roundabout Theatre Co.'s production of 'People In the Picture', and the experience inspired the first line of the song below, so 'Thanks PITP!'

Anyway, here is what I came up with after getting home and fleshing out the rest.  It's a duet, so there would be some kick-ass harmonies at the end!

For a musical reference, it would have a bluesy/pop rhythm, very contemporary pop MT.  The rhythm would alter for the bridge.


I take a seat in LL 109,
And I am waiting for the lights to dim.
I hold my breath, and I can feel my heart beat out my chest…
Please be impressed…

‘Cuz it’s me up there, struggling for their attention.
It’s me up there making them roar and tear.
It’s me up there, and despite my apprehension,
Now they can all sit back, relax and see…
This part of me.

I hang steps back from the crowd as they’re talking,
And words like ‘form’ and ‘shading’ are tossed around.
Though every syllable is threat’ning to shatter my core
Still, I adore…

That it’s me up there who’s receiving recognition.
It’s me up there causing their hearts to stir.
It’s me up there, and the work is my ambition,
So judge me if you must, but still they see…

We all have something that drives us this way,
That gives us strength and pushes us harder…

The fact remains at the end of the day,

The victories feel overblown…
If you win them alone.  And so...

It’s me right here, and I hope you will accept me.
It’s me right here looking you in the eyes.
I’ll be right here, and though my words may be inept,
I swear my actions will help make them clear…

That it’s me right here, and there’s nothing that could budge me,
We’ll be right here, taking it, come what may.
And now, right here, I assure you, 'til our life is done,
That you will be the only one who’ll see
This part of me.


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD.


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