Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 31 - 'A Goodbye...But Not'

Hello all,

A goodbye...but not.


They say that all good things must come to an end.
This is not the most encouraging message you could send.
While we’re teaching our little ones hope, joy and love,
The message seems muddled when we mention the above…

So I prefer to view the world like this,
Though I don’t contend eternity can guarantee you bliss,
I do think good things can last, and that is why,
I say ‘I’ll see you soon’ and not ‘Goodbye’.

And if life gets in the way, confuses, causes you to stray,
It simply is a fact we all must face.
It doesn’t mean you’ve lost it all, that hasn’t been the cost at all,
Look hard enough, you’ll find a lingering trace.

And that hint will lead you back to where you were before,
As we’ve heard too often, all is fair in love and war,
So, is it fair for you to give up without a single try?
No, that’s why it’s ‘I’ll see you soon’ and not ‘Goodbye’.
We’ll say ‘I’ll see you soon’ and not ‘Goodbye’.
We’ll just say ‘I’ll see you soon’ and not ‘Goodbye’.


Thanks for joining me for the month...and there'll be more to follow!


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