Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 4 - 'Methinks He Doth...'

Good day,

So, I was at work and thought of an old line I wrote about 3 years ago that I had since procrastinated on  I had a line and a half of this when I started this afternoon, and here's where it went.

For a frame of musical reference, this is in the same vein as Day Two's SOTD.  Speak-sing-ish verse with an upbeat, catchy chorus and bridge...very classic MT comedy.



When I walked into that small café, and glanced across the room,
A new sensation tingled down my spine,
A fluster of frustration, with a twinge of revelation,
Caused a great uprising feeling in this heart of mine.

She said ‘A double mocha with two sugars and no cream.’
I felt the blood flow cause my face to blaze.
And though clueless for a second, I have thought on it and reckoned, and
I think that I have finally found the proper phrase…

Yes, I’m in hate.
My heart may skip a beat, but it does not ‘elate’.
Some have said “This can’t be love because I feel so well…”
Well, I’m sure this isn’t love because it feels like Hell!

I squint my eye,
I clench my jaw,
Though she may be cutest thing I've ever saw...seen...
It really doesn’t matter, I’d still push her off a ladder, because

I’ve been in love so very many times before,
Each time worse than the last, it’s like an art.
If a medal could be given for picking evil women
Well, the way I’ve played, they’d retrograde, I’d win before we start.

But now this little temptress has been haunting me,
Taunting with her rude flirtatious eyes!
I’m astounded that I find my mind so sound around this devil,
For I’m sure were she to lure me in, it’d not be ‘on the level’.

Beads of sweat
My forehead farms,
Are rivaled only by the pit stains ‘neath my arms.

My pulse is racing with my heartbeat, seeing which one can advance!
The pixies in my stomach fight the cobra in my pants!
I guess it’s possible I love her…wait! NO, never!  Not a chance!
So, I’m sure,…
There is no cure…

SpokenExcuse me, would you like to get a drink sometime?
               (she answers)



Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD!


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