Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 15 - 'When My Phone First Rang'


Today was pretty lazy, and consisted of sleeping in and watching tv.  Nice, huh? I thought so.

I am glad to be back up and active, however, tomorrow.

Today's SOTD is a possible addition to my work-in-progress musical, Nab-a-Date! This is a rewrite from a different attempt.  The feel of the song should be moving and hopeful.


When my phone first rang, well, I ignored it.
Went about my day just as I would.
Never both’ring to mind
Or trying to find
The reason for the call…
No.  Not at all…

When my phone first rang, hell, I deplored it.
To see ‘The Studio’ on my caller i.d.,
Left me with such a chill,
That nothing could fill,
The silence in my head…
What had he said?

It’s only been three months and yet just from the way he looked at me…
It’s plain to see the man who always speaks is struck dumb.

And it wasn’t even him who called!  I should have known he’d send his crony.
James’ voice droned in my ear and begged me to come…
Come on back and I could help save his show…
I’m the one who can help save his show!

So my phone first rang for a reason,
Now that reason’s here staring me down.
And I guess I could go,
But then I won’t know…

(musical interlude)

If I make the right move,
I’m sure I can prove,
That what we had between us isn’t gone…
So ‘If music be the food of love...
Play on!’


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD!


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