Friday, April 29, 2011

An Announcement...

Hello friends, family…random guy who accidentally stumbled across my page.

If you’re visiting, then you probably already know who I am (except for you Stumbly McRando), so I won’t bore you in this entry with intricate details of my past, or involved glimpses into my psyche…I’m sure that’ll all come later.  Instead, I will simply explain my purpose in doing this blog.

Now if you’re anything like me, or even if you just like me, then you probably don’t care much for blogs.  I, and most of my friends, have little to no interest in learning that Janet Murray’s kitten snuggled closely with a neighbors puppy in a baby’s sock while both were dressed as bunnies.  Ok, perhaps I should have chosen an example that wasn’t so damn cute…but the point is, unless there is a purpose for the blog beyond relaying the daily events of someone’s existence, I won’t read it.

-‘What are you doing writing a blog, then?’ you ask?

I have created this blog as a tool.  A device contrived strictly to assist me in accomplishing a goal.

-‘What is that goal?’  Alright…calm down and I'll tell you.

-‘It’s just that you seem to be talking an awful lot and saying very little-’  Seriously!  I was just getting there…

My goal is to write an entire song’s worth of lyrics each day for a whole month.  That means every day, no matter what else I’ve got going on with work, friends, family…I will sit down and force myself to write, at the very LEAST, a set of song lyrics.

Now I have to warn you if you’re going to continue on…it’s not all gonna be gold!  In fact, some of it may wreak!  (...for what it's worth, I'm hoping not much!)  But, anyone who has had to write even a breakup text knows that sometimes you just have to get it out there.  Well, in this case, I’m going to be posting everything with minimal edit time, so it'll be fun to see what comes out.

The good news is that if something shows promise, I will likely go back and tweak it after it’s posted.  I may even decide to share the revisions so you all can see the growth and progression, but the main thing is the goal.  Good or Bad…‘A song’s worth of lyrics every day for a month.’

In this case, that month will be May. (That’s right.  None of that 30 day month crap for me!)

So join me here at ‘Lee’rical Wordplay starting Sunday, May 1st, and check out the very first...

‘Song of the Day…in a Day!’