Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 2 - 'A Weight Is Lifted'

Hello all.

So today's song did not come to me nearly as easily as the last.  It was 8:30pm before I was even able to start working on it, and I was still stuck for an idea about what to do an hour later.  Ironically, I have come into this month with several blanket ideas in order to keep this type of block from happening...but it's obviously not that simple.

Anyway, I finally decided to elaborate on a single line that I had written a while back.  Originally, the lyric was a sincere sentiment (which I planned to be) leading into a lovely ballad.  I've changed my mind. Here's how it came out...

A quick frame of musical reference, this should be very rubato at the beginning then once we get to the chorus it should pick up a tempo and increase through the end.  It should lend itself to a very classic MT sound.


Now you know how much I love you, and love you, dear I do…
But something has been weighing on my mind.
I’ve a tiny little qualm, a bone to pick, a cause for coup…
That’s not it…you know I’m not the coup-ing kind…

But of this I must insist, I can’t resist, it’s too insistent,
Inside me it’s been gnawing like a mite.
And though I won’t go on a tear, I can no longer grin and bear it
So lend an open mind and I will try to say this right…

You’ve gotten fat.
Not just a little overweight, but fat.
And though my bluntness may cause you to want to beat me,
Wiser men may not repeat me,
And though you’ll prob’ly think I am a pig,
Just please, Don’t eat me!

But you’re chunky!
No longer husky, shapes or jolly.  No, you’re chunky!
And though it’s partially my folly with the lies of clothes unfitting,
I assure it was unwitting,
But now you…are…fat.

And oh, I could have stopped it! ‘Do these pants make me look…?’
‘Yes, they do!’
No, I could have, should have dropped it when I caught you after meals trying to
Make yourself spew.

No, I don’t condone Bulimia,
And though it won’t redeem me, ya
Have gotten outta hand,
So food is banned!
I just can’t stand it,

Cause you’re tubby!
Your proportions more than ample, more than chubby!
And though it brings me no great joy to see you suffer,
I have taken off the buffer
Though it’s tough, I’ve simply got to speak my mind…

Happy we once were, and happy again we can be
If only you drop that fat be-hind!


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD!


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