Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 10 - 'Yeah, He Did...'

Good day,

After finishing yesterday's song, I had some other thoughts that wouldn't leave my head, so I started right away on a few other things to prepare for day 10's SOTD.  Sadly, nothing panned out.  (Anticlimactic...I know.)

The good news is, I then got so frustrated that I started making fun of my project.  This is a goofy piece just poking fun at what I'm doing and playing around.  The style choices change throughout, so I've marked them.



(lilting and melodic)

I’m forcing myself to write this
It’s not going to be very good.
I’m forcing myself to write this,
To prove to myself that I could.

I’ve concocted this challenge, and given myself
Thirty-one days to explore
All of the songs that I may have within me
And if all goes well, I’ll write thirty-one more.

I’m forcing myself to write this,
And so far it’s going ok…
Though the task may be tricky, if I am not picky,
I’ll finish this new song today.

There are nine other songs that I’ve written as part,
Of this challenging, once-a-day dare.
Some of them skilled, some I shouldn't impart,
But whether they’re good or they’re bad, I can’t care…

I’m forcing myself to write this,
Regardless of awesome or crap,
And if you are reading, I’m sure you’re conceding
At least I’ve not written a rap…

(Rap beat starts)

Check it.
If you noticin’ lately that I’m MIA,
I will say it’s cuz I’m writing a new lyric every day.
It’s not that I’m thinkin’ it will make me famous, or rich beyond belief…
I am not an ignoramus,
I do it for the practice, to expand my mind, and I’m finding that it’s kind of fun to get up behind
A new idea, an all new thought or creation,
Every new 24 brings a brand new obligation.
So I’m gonna continue on my mission and then you will see my work performed in a much larger venue.
And for those of you visitin' up in my place,
Keep reading or I’ll have to slap the shit out yo’ face…

(back to lilting and melodic)

I’m forcing myself to write this,
I’m sure you now see what I mean,
So I’ll try to have fun, and bring smiles to your cheeks,
I’ll cater my work to both hipsters and geeks,
If you don’t like my stuff, well, I’m done in three weeks…
But 'til then…
I’ll grab my pen,
And write.


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD!


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