Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 25 - 'Yellow Lament'


Today's is another silly one, though admittedly, one of my favorites.  This is dedicated to Aimee, and meant without any offense.  (You'll understand that in a moment...)

The verse should be rubato and very speak-sing.  Then the chorus is a upbeat, George M. Cohen-esque march feel.  The bridge is very free, then builds into the 2nd verse climaxing into the last chorus, which is back to the march feel.



Now, I know it sounds cliche, and/or slightly stereotypic,
But I have found a new love, and she's more than just terrific!
She's neat, fact, compact.  In all ways so efficient.
I think it's clear that my new dear is wholly self-sufficient.

I vowed to learn her history up to this very day,
And so I flash a slanted grin, and this is what I say...

I'm in love with a girl of the...Asian persuasion!
She's my China doll, through and through.
Though my ears had caught wind of a geisha's talents,
Now I know what they say is true.

When she offered to cook for me from her homeland,
I was quite easy to convince...
She walked me in, sat me down, said 'Thai it, you'll like it!"
I've been stuck on the sticky rice since.

Right from the very moment when we had our orient-ation...
And I gazed into her epicanthic, far east Atlantic blues,
It made me dance the Hora, and give thanks to the Torah,
To hear her say she's in no way descended from the Jews.

Then came the eve, to my reprieve, a lofty six months hense,
The night when she would finally give herself.
It wasn't such a sin, though it took quite the Ho-Chi-Minh-ute,
To ditch the slip and slip that hanbok back upon the shelf.

And now it's time, I find that I am ready to propose,
Our wedding day will splendidly surprise.
We'll knock off people's socks when we serve kook su with the lox,
And then we'll have a shinto full of old rabbis!

For she alone remains the one who's sole can quench my thirst.
However, though there's much I know, there's one thing I must find out first.

(verse 2)
Now I know that it's cliche, and it's slightly stereotypic,
But I adore this shiksa, for at spelling she's terrific.
She's brilliant with a violin, she played in South Pacific,
It seems the only problem is I cannot be specific!

(chorus 2 ext.)
I'm in love with a girl of the...Asian persuasion,
But I've just not a clue what kind!
There's Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Cambodian, Vietnamese,
Laos, Malaysian...Help me please!  There's Philippines, Korean.
Yes it's driving me out of my mind, to place...
But I swear that I will learn...
Her race!


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with another SOTD!


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