Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3 - 'The Picture'

Hey all.

Today I found some time during my lunch break to stare out the window.  The nice part of this is that the window is on the 26th floor of a building in downtown NYC.  I looked out at the water and New Jersey and a slew of thoughts occurred to me, prompting the beginning of a lot of songs, but nothing was coming to fruition.  Finally, a seed of an idea came seemingly out of nowhere (I still don't know where it came from, but it came fast) and fleshed itself out into today's SOTD.  This may have been more appropriate for Sunday, but it came today, so...I put it up.

Frame of musical reference:  This would be a ballad, fluid and slow, but with movement through the bridge, nothing crazy in the underscore, so as not to be overdone since it's such a sentimental lyric.


A picture hangs,
Its spot is right upon the wall between the window and the television set.
So there it hangs.
And to ensure it doesn’t fall I’ve reinforced it with the best glue I could get.

And every time it’s glanced upon
The viewer gets a chill.
And whether ‘why’ is clear to them or not,
They know the drill.
A look creeps to their face and in their eyes I see the sympathy rise.

A picture hangs,
I still recall the day we took it, though the baby in his lap’s now nearly ten.
I wish that day,
That I’d known what was going to happen ‘cause it surely would have changed
my whole demeanor back then.

Although I wasn’t terrible
As far as one could see,
And though he thought that I was ‘all the
Son that I could be’,
And though I loved him dearly, at that age it seemed impossible to show…
I just hoped he’d know…

So I didn’t flash a smile every time he made a joke,
Instead I’d just glare and act bored.
And I didn’t give a shit about redwood, pine or oak…
The things that he loved, I ignored.

I look at you,
At who I still have in my life, and hope that I can learn from my mistakes.
So tell me of your pine and oak,
And go ahead and make a joke,
I promise I’ll give you a smile.

There’s no real way of telling
What the future holds,
But I gladly make the promise
That as long as time unfolds,
I'll cherish what we have and make my feelings as clear as can be...
'Til the picture is of me.


For Mom & Dad.

Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD.


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