Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 30 - 'The South Shall Rise'


Today’s SOTD is a fun one.  I was playing with a character from my show, and I thought it’d be fun to write another song for her, as she is now, before I go and make the character completely different!

This is slow country for the verse, then it gets up-tempo with a bluegrass feel once we hit the chorus and bridge.



I know you’re feelin’ low…
I know life’s got you down.
Dejected, un-erected, downright blue.

Balls are hard to juggle,
But a tug’ll cure that frown,
Just listen as I ‘sang’ this vocal ‘yank’ as though on cue…

So your drive’s been far too placid,
Every part of you feels flaccid,
But the South shall rise again.

Your libido’s been defeated
And the ailment has been left untreated…
The South shall rise again.

I’ll give a healthy dose of Southern hospitality…
They say ‘Don’t Mess with Texas” boy, but you can mess with me.
I’ve called on you to draw your sword, you ain’t no General Lee!
The South shall rise again!

Your potency is stunted,
‘Cuz your blood flow has been shunted,
But the South shall rise again.

So your ego is deflated,
Because downstairs won’t get elevated…
The South shall rise again.

Hey ky-ohhhh,
You must be left a little miffed…
Hey ky-ehhhh,
Because life has left you stiffed.
Still, I assure you lots of other gents,
Have lost track of their up-come-ence, but
The South shall rise again!

(Dance break)

So your General’s worn out from all the greasy grass it’s spanned.
Like George, your arm is strong, but can ‘below’ meet the demand?
Let me battle with that Bighorn…’cus this ain’t Custer’s last stand…
Just saddle up, mount on and then…
The South shall rise again!


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I’ll see you tomorrow with another SOTD!


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