Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 8 - 'The Choices I've Made'


In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to write a song to all of the Moms out there...but I didn't.  Sorry, Moms, but I hope you've had an amazing day anyway.

What I did write is from the point of view of a guy who is viewing the world and asking, 'what if?'

For a frame of musical reference, this should be uptempo, with a pretty contemporary feel throughout the verse and chorus.  The bridge would take on a different beat altogether, but then come back to the original rhythm, though at a slower tempo for sentimentality.


There’s a slew of papers strewn across my desk.
And everyday,
They get filled out, punched and filed,
I tell you, it’s grotesque.

But though my body is impounded,
Stuck in its corral,
My thoughts refuse to just stay grounded
And then, without fail
I sit and try to clear my mind,
So I can do the task assigned,
But frankly it does no damn good…
‘Cuz if I could…

I’d be roaming the street fairs,
Without a single care.
Strolling through the park in the sun.

Sitting in the outdoor chairs,
They’ve set up in Times Square,
If I could just levy a trade,
For the choices I’ve made.

I’m allowed one fifteen-minute coffee break.
And everyday,
I step outside and think about the
Chances that I didn’t take.

And realizations flood my brain,
Of what I might have been.
And just as I adjust my train
Of thought toward hope, right then
My break is ended quite abrupt,
I forcibly have been re-upped,
Corrupted by ‘Do what you should…’
But if I could,

I’d be riding a Harley,
Without a helmet on.
Racing at dangerous speed…

The road may be gnarly,
But my fears would all be gone,
If only my debt was repaid…

She was the one I’d searched for all life long,
To my surprise, I’d finally got her.
But in you’re youth, it’s hard to face when you’ve made a mistake…
There was no give and take…
There was just take…or I’d be

Climbing up Everest,
No peak would be too high,
Flying in a turbo jet craft,
Cutting through the sky.
Taking out my yacht, on a plot to
Sail across the clear blue sea.

Or sitting in my backyard,
Observing stars above.
Dozing by the fire clinging
To the one I love.
I never would have lost her,
She’d still be mine, if I could evade,
The choices I’ve…


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD!


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