Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 24 - '32 Hours'


Just a really silly little number.  Jazzy and upbeat.  (I love musical irony)


I’ve been awake for nearly thirty-two hours,
And I have to say life is great!
The sky has cleared, there are no more May showers,
And my coffee’s beginning to percolate.

The sun is bright, all the birds are singing,
While winging their way ‘cross the blue.
Yes, I’ve been awake for thirty-two hours,
And I’m feeling just fine, how ‘bout you?

Now I know,
Most doctors would advise
A solid seven at the very least.
But oh,
My body’s on the rise,
And it simply has refused to be desisted or ceased!

I’ve been awake for nearly thirty-two hours,
And I think I am doing ok…
But still I’m confessing,
That I’ve started stressing.
Cuz though I’ve had more time to ‘play’
32 hours is too long a day!

Two hours into waking you’re still shaking off the night,
By hour three, you see the world more clearly.
Four hours into daytime, you are prime to get things right, and
Most love how they feel at five hours, dearly.

Now hours six, seven and eight, you start to feel the weight,
The day of work has jerked you all around.
By hours ten through twelve, bedtime is starting to sound great,
And your thoughts will start to muse of sleeping fast and sound.

Now this is when the best of us begin to lose our grips,
Hour fourteen starts to be less kind…
Reality starts slipping right between our fingertips.
By number seventeen, you have already lost your mind.

At hour twenty-two, your head feels like it’s split in two,
Your stomach starts to eating at itself,
When number twenty-nine hits, you’ll think life is on the line
You’ll grab and swallow any medicine from off the shelf.

Worse than that is hour thirty, where you see God, and get flirty,
Asserting that you two would get along.
Thirty-one’s devoid of fun, you’re sanity’s been on the run,
For the entire second section of this whole damn song.

As awful as this all may sound, hear me when I tell you,
That nothing quite can match the Hell of hour thirty-two…

I’ve been awake for nearly thirty-two hours,
This was the stupidest thing I could try…
My heart has palpitations, beating out my chest,
My mind’s hallucinations take me on a devilish quest,
You’ve taken mind and body now, so why not take the rest!
My soul needs to sleep or I’ll cry…
Oh, God won’t you please let me die!

(Sadly, she is forced to take the final exam for her economics class 20 minutes after the end of this song. Funny enough...she aced it.)


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with another SOTD!


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