Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 22 - 'Without A Hitch'


So we drove back today and I listened to my show.  I am hoping to do some more work on it, so I figured today's song should start that.

I have written an example of what the opening number could be.  It would be a very uptempo, similar to a 60's rock mixed with a bluesy rhythm.  Not sure if this will make it in, but I figure it's got my mind working on options...



Tonight will be somethin’ they’ve never seen.
It’s sink or swim time, no in between.
Tonight will be a revelation,
So let me explain the situation…
Soon we go live when they flip that switch, and
Tonight’s gonna go off without a hitch!

Not a thing can go awry,
Without a hitch…
Can’t throw me off, go 'head and try!

I’ve set the scene to sheer perfection,
The audience is in their section,
The set’s been polished to a glow
And the band is tuned up, ready to go!
My head is reeling, I’ve got that itch,
And tonight’s gonna go off without a hitch!

It’s what I’ve been working for,
Without a hitch…
And they’ll all love what’s in store!

All these years, I’ve been preparing,
Tried to pave my way with gravel, through the cold.
Fought the fears, the 'wear-and-tearing',
Now it’s a gas to watch that gravel turn to gold!

Tonight’s gonna be the biggest yet,
We’re ‘bout to go, so ready, and set…!
Tonight something new’s gonna be unfurled,
And it’s airing live to the whole damn world!
Now everything’s smooth, not a single twitch,
And tonight’s gonna go off without a hitch!


Thanks for joining me for the day, and I'll see you tomorrow with my next SOTD!


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